El Sábado 11 de Junio: The Art of Surviving Work

Even if your job is almost perfect, it doesn’t always feel it. There are some things that are common to all jobs, which is why it is called “work” after all: routine, lack of freedom, colleagues, customers/suppliers, monotony, boredom, unattractive workspaces – all these things can combine at times to make even a great job seem awful.

Most of us spend a lot of time working, so learning how to cope with work is certainly a great life lesson. This class will help to tackle the adversity and negativity work can throw at us by finding beauty in the mundane and the unexpected. We will use the sublime power of art to inspire, and the practical value of creativity as means not only to help deal with work, but also to learn acceptance, develop positivity and enhance all aspects of our quotidian lives.

Your course leaders will guide you through the theory behind the power and value of creativity in all our lives, as well as case studies of famous artists and thinkers who had to hold down regular jobs in order to achieve greater things. Finally you will be presented with some interesting and inspiring tools and activities for surviving – and making the most of – work, and by extension all your waking hours.


ENTRADAS: 10€ con consumición (una cerveza, refresco o vino) incluida.


Teachers: Nadia Gradecky Santa Cruz and Jayne Marshall (co-Creators of the blog  How to Survive an Office Job and Still Being an Artist)

Entradas disponible através de: www.comoser.es/shop, por Paypal o, si prefieres en la taquilla